TurboPower LockBox Release History

ProductVersionDate Release status Changes
TurboPower LockBox 33.7.0 17-Nov-2016Full New compiler version project heads and client-specified IV's:
  • New project heads for D 10.1 Berlin and XE8
  • Capability for clients to specify thier own initialization vectors (IV's). This is for noncible block-mode ciphers. Normally these are automatically generated.
  • Removed reliance on range and overflow checking being set OFF in the project options. Now certain ciphers work even if these options are set ON in the client's application project options.
  • Upgrade the unit test suite from using the old DUnit framework to the much better dunit-m framework. Some minor memory leaks have been exposed in the process. (work is underway to remediate these leaks).
TurboPower LockBox 33.6.3 5-Jul-2015Full Minor update for older (non-unicode compilers) and modernisation of demo:
  • Updated read-me for XE7
  • Modernise string and tbytes treatment in demo.
  • Hardened Blowfish self-test for D2009 compiler.
TurboPower LockBox 33.6.2 29-Apr-2015Full Minor update for older (non-unicode compilers):
  • Migrated hosting to GitHub
  • Wrapped BeginHash/EndHash around THash.HashString() function for non-unicode compilers. Thanks to contribution from Merijnb.
  • XE7 Package heads.
TurboPower LockBox 33.6.0 10-Nov-2014Full Major contribution from Nick Chevsky:
  • Support for all compilers from Delphi 7 and up. (Although package heads only for D2010 and XE6 a.t.m.
  • Support for Win32, Win64, Android, iOS, and OS X.
  • A new include, TPLB3.Common.Inc, is included from all source files and defines conditionals used throughout the code base.
  • Renamed uTPLb_D7Compatibility.pas to TPLB3.Compatibility.pas and added code needed by other compilers.
  • Replaced legacy and platform-specific types (e.g. AnsiString, UTF8String, DWORD, etc.) with cross-platform types required by the next-generation mobile compilers.
  • Implemented TStringHelper for platform-agnostic string manipulation, which resolves differences between 1-based strings in the legacy compilers and 0-based strings in the next-generation compilers.
  • Functions that operate on strings now accept an Encoding parameter. I've kept this optional for backwards compatibility, but it should be made mandatory at some point in the future.
  • Marked the following as deprecated in favor of new encoding-agnostic functions: TCodec.EncryptAnsistring, TCodec.DecryptAnsistring, TCodec.EncryptUtf8string, TCodec.DecryptUtf8string, THash.Hashutf8string, TStreamUtils.Stream_to_utf8string, TStreamUtils.utf8string_to_stream.
  • Removed the ComponentPlatformsAttribute declaration from components (all except TOpenSSL), since they now work on all platforms.
  • Added non-assembler fallback Pascal code to TRandom for use on mobile platforms.
  • TNoncibleDecryptor now supports the OnSetIV event, like its encryptor counterpart.
TurboPower LockBox 33.5.0 11-Jul-2014Full
  • Migrated code repository from SourceForge to GoogleCode
  • Renamed unit suffix from uTPlb_ to TPLB3.
  • Replaced most references to AnsiString, to Utf8String
  • Added support for XE6, Win32 and Win62
  • Removed support for all other compilers (other than XE6 and D2010). The return of support for other compilers will be coming soon.
  • Removed the automated installer.
TurboPower LockBox 33.4.2 Installer Release R223-Jul-2012Full Only installer updated. Underlying binaries and LockBox 3 source remains the same.
TurboPower LockBox 33.4.213-May-2012Full Overall a minor release, but still one worth updating to.
TurboPower LockBox 33.4.112-Nov-2011Full Overall a minor release, but still one worth updating to.
TurboPower LockBox 33.4.09-Oct-2011Full
  • An OpenSSL wrapper for RSA functions, which include:
    • Generate key pair
    • Load/Save public/private keys in PEM format
    • Sign and Verify
    • Only works with a fairly recent version of libeay32.dll, namely, at least version is required.
    • Demo program enhanced to include demo of the OpenSSL wrapper.
  • Optional UTF-8 password for TCodec with UNICODE enabled compilers.
  • Delphi XE, XE2 support
  • Win 64 platform support
  • Installer support extended for Delphi XE, XE2
TurboPower LockBox 33.3.07-Aug-2011Full Includes support for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7 and 3DES/TDEA KO1. Start of release history recording.
TurboPower LockBox 3 All versions 3.2.0 and earliernot recordednot recorded